Why Choose LED’s?

By March 16, 2017 April 18th, 2019 Lighting Advice

Why Choose LED’s


Light-emitting Diodes (LED’s) are usually more expensive to buy than other types of lamp, so why choose them? LED’s are more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, last for a lot longer, and are more durable than compact fluorescent and halogen lamps.


Energy efficiency

Up to 15% of your home energy costs can be attributed to lighting. LED’s use approximately 30% less energy than halogen or CFL lamps. Most of this energy is saved because LED’s generate a lot less heat then other lamps, particularly halogen. This creates a better, more even light as the energy consumed is not lost as heat energy. This also creates a cooler environment in the room and less work for your air conditioner as well. Over time these savings will be noticed in your energy bills.


Environmentally friendly

As well as reducing your carbon footprint by reducing energy use, LED’s are more environmentally friendly as they do not need to be replaced as often, reducing waste and landfill. An LED lamp lasts around 40-60,000 hours, compared to around 8,000 for a CFL. The lifespan of a fluorescent is also shortened by being repeatedly turned on and off, and is affected by the outside temperatures. LED’s do not have these issues.



Fluorescent lights are also less durable than LED’s, they easily shatter when dropped. They contain mercury, so when broken, they create a health hazard for humans and the environment. They also need to be correctly disposed of when they stop working so that the mercury does not leach into the earth. LED’s are strong, less likely to break even when dropped and do not contain toxic chemicals.


LED’s may be more expensive to purchase up front, but the savings will be felt long term. They are energy efficient all year round and can potentially reduce your lighting bills by up to 80%. You do not need to replace them as often saving regular maintenance costs, and you can feel good knowing you are doing your bit for the environment. As their popularity grows, advances in manufacturing LED’s are making the prices drop all the time, making them a sensible choice for the price conscious consumer.