Why is Lighting Design important in the home?

By April 10, 2017 April 18th, 2019 Lighting Advice

Why is Lighting Design Important in the home?

Lighting Design is often an afterthought when building or renovating a home, when it is actually one of the most important aspects of the overall design. Lighting design can enhance or detract from other design choices such as paint colour, furniture and art.  It is very important to get your lighting design right to create the type of atmosphere you are after in your home.

There are three areas involved in lighting design, general lighting to enable you to see adequately, accent lighting to highlight architectural features or art, and task lighting to enable enough light to work safely and easily in kitchens, bathrooms and workspaces. These three areas need to work in conjunction with each other to create a seamless flow from one area to the next.

Good lighting design creates a feeling of space in small rooms and makes large rooms cosier and more inviting. If a room is dimly lit it will feel small and cramped. Light can be used to alter a feeling of space by eliminating shadows in small rooms to make them feel larger or creating cosiness by creating shadows in larger rooms.

The colour of the lamps within the fittings also affects the mood of a room. Lamps with a red/yellow hue create a warm and cosy feel, those with a green/blue hue a feeling of coolness and serenity. The colour and amount of light in a room can also affect your personal mood. Lighting can be uplifting or depressing. Lighting also affects the colour of the paint of the walls, changing the planned mood of a room completely if the wrong choice is made.

Light fittings should be included in the overall interior design of a room. The materials used and the style of the fittings will alter the output, distribution and directionality of the light thereby affecting the other elements in the room. There is no point having amazing furniture and art if you cannot see it properly or the colours are affected by poor lighting choices. Your fabulous designer kitchen and bathroom are useless if you cannot chop and cook safely or apply makeup efficiently.

Lighting can also add personality, elegance and sophistication to the design of a room, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your other design choices. You may have architectural accents in your home that can be accentuated by light, creating a visually dramatic element to the room, and making the lighting part of the architectural design.

Lighting does firstly need to serve a functional purpose to light up dark rooms, but this is not its only purpose. Lighting changes the mood and atmosphere of a room and those who use it. Lighting becomes a form of decorative art within the house and makes a space both beautiful and practical. Lighting Design should always be a major part of the planning process when designing or renovating a home. Lighting should also be taken into consideration when making other design choices, such as furnishings, art and paint colour. When all these elements work with each other your home will be stunning.