Why buy from Noosa Lighting?

By May 12, 2017 April 18th, 2019 Lighting Advice

Why buy your lights from a local Lighting Business?

Online shopping has expanded our options vastly, enabling us to purchase lights from all over the world. Sometimes the very same ones that are stocked at the local lighting showroom for a slightly higher price. Large chain stores have the power of bulk buying so can usually deliver a range of lights at a competitive price. So why buy from your local family lighting showroom?

Online stores are generally cheaper due to low overheads, but service can be unpredictable. You cannot touch or test an item before purchase to see its weight, detail, and quality. Customer service can be non existent and damaged or faulty goods can be difficult as well as costly to replace or return. A local salesperson can quickly and easily assess damage either in store or at your home and you can speak to an actual person about issues rather than a computer or recorded message.

Local stores  offer better service than their larger chain store counterparts so they will work harder to maintain customer satisfaction, also local outlets generally hire local people with local knowledge which can add value to the shopping experience.

Using the experts at your local lighting showroom can create a more interesting and professional lighting design for your home. They can also offer site inspections and suggest ideas that you may not have thought of, adding value to your home and investment.

Your local lighting store can choose stock based on local needs and interests, rather than based on a National Sales Plan. This allows local stores to offer a different range of stock to their chain store opposition with the freedom to offer what their particular customers want, rather than what head office thinks they need. They can also support local craftspeople with truly unique artisan lighting not seen anywhere else.

Even though you may feel you are paying more for the same products by buying your lights locally, you are not just paying for the product itself. You are buying expertise, security, service, and the satisfaction of supporting your local community.

When you buy from a small business, more of your money stays in the local community and strengthens the local economy. Family businesses tend to use other local businesses, for example accountants, printers, and stationers, creating jobs in industries outside their own. Chain stores and online businesses are usually provided with all these items from a central office sometimes hundreds or thousands of kilometres away.

We need to make sure that the unique feel of our local communities is not lost to the giant chain stores whose end goal is profit for shareholders rather than service or community. Buying online you may still be supporting a small business, but your money will be supporting another community maybe on the other side of the world. By shopping at a local lighting business, not only do you benefit with better service and professional advice , you are also supporting your local community .

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