Touch Lamps, No longer a novelty

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Touch lamps used to be a novelty item, typically old fashioned and very poor quality.

These new touch lamps from Premium Lighting are certainly not a poor quality novelty item. Constructed from high quality materials with high output LED lamps the Beryl and Saturn touch lamps will enhance any modern office and are also ideally suited as bedside reading lamps.
Featuring touch dimming the Beryl aluminium touch lamp has a three stage touch dimmer whilst the Saturn touch lamp has a range of 8 dimming levels with its unique slide dimming touch pad.
Backed by a 2 year replacement warranty you have the piece of mind of a quality, stylish and practical reading lamp.
To download the data sheet for the Beryl please click HERE and for the Saturn please click HERE

Saturn White
Saturn Black

Why do I need a Lighting Designer?

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Are you building or renovating?
Would you get your plumber to choose your taps or get your bricklayer to design your house?

Noosa Lighting are lighting design specialists, we deal in lighting every day and have been for over 30 years, designing lighting layouts and consulting with Architects, Builders, Interior Designers and Electricians.
We do not know much about roofing, letter boxes or plumbing but we do know a lot about lighting.
The team at Noosa Lighting will be able to consult with you to develop a lighting design for your home that will bring it to life at night. We have the experience to use subtle lighting to great effect where needed and task lighting where appropriate.
There is nothing worse than walking into a beautiful home to find it cold and lifeless because there was little to no thought put into the lighting, or because the lighting was chosen by someone with good intentions but no real knowledge.

So the real question is not “Why do I need a Lighting Designer?” The real question is “Where do I get a good Lighting Designer?” and the answer is simple.


Montville Chapel

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When engaged to do the lighting at The Chapel Montville, Noosa Lighting helped the owners bring their vision to life. Utilizing external LED uplights the exterior of the Chapel is truly something to behold at night. Taking advantage of the large stone and the shadows these create has helped turn this beautiful building into a work of art.

The use of LED wall mounted uplights internally highlights the ceiling and features whilst adding to the ambiance of  the room and giving you the feeling that you are somewhere truly magical.

You can visit The Chapel Montvilles web site HERE


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Azure Sunshine Beach – Local design with international recognition.

Noosa Lighting were proud to work with Glen Watson (Owner/Builder) and Chris Clout Design to help bring this amazing home to life with light.

Featuring RGB colour changing ribbon in its extensive swimming pool and ponds, this beautiful home truly comes to life at night.

Builder : Glen Watson Building
Designed by : Chris Clout Design

Amazing product range and professional service

Mark & Jenny

Pleasantly surprised at the prices offered, thought it would be expensive for such a professional company

Anne & John

Wow, what a range! Service is second to none

Anthony & Robert

You helped me bring my home to life with light, Thank You!

Mary Quinten